Gerihun Center Expansion

We're excited to announce that our pilot project in Golu was successful, prompting the local Baoma Chiefdom government to request a new Center and donate a building in the more populous town of Gerihun (pop. 5000). The location of our new Center is conveniently located central to 15 surrounding villages and attracts rural foot traffic for cross country transportation and commerce. The Gerihun Center gives TVL the opportunity to greatly expand rural reach and impact.  

Thanks to TVL’s donor community renovations were made possible in the spring of 2018 with a successful
launch of a full-service community resource center.


Required Capital Improvements



What does this expansion mean for our
rural economic development impact?

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1,400% increase in digital literacy reach and impact potential.

Gerihun is in Baoma Chiefdom, located along the country's main highway, central to 15 nearby villages. Gerihun is a hub for commerce during weekly markets and a main transportation hub for people traveling to Bo or Freetown (the two largest cities).

Digital literacy can improve local economies with the ability to sell produce and artisan goods online, access to real-time market data, and create new jobs in the knowledge economy. This expansion has a potential reach of 15,000+ people living in rural off-grid villages without access to power, internet or digital literacy education - a 1,400% increase from our pilot in Golu!

Baoma Chiefdom Map Final.JPG

Our social impact business will be the only one within 12 miles.

Social impact business will support the long term sustainability of TVL’s community programs that fulfill community needs, has the potential to create new jobs and expect other community development areas of focus to improve, such as health. 

Until now, local schools, businesses and government officials had to travel 12 miles for internet and other business services. Partnerships with local schools and government help maintain consistent revenue, supplementing Center operations and programs.