SBTS Group : Our partner in computer training and in-country counsel driving the success of our pilot project. Welt Hunger Hilfe : Potential partner which works on creating alternative energy livelihoods through capacity building, financial support, and marketing.

African Library Project : Partnering with both VLG and schools internationally to provide full libraries, one of which will be housed in the computer center.

Friends of Sierra Leone : A valuable resource comprised mostly of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers supporting efforts like ours to improve understanding and aid in Salone's development.

Tribewanted Sierra Leone : An organization bringing eco-tourism to John Obey Beach of Freetown- an idea worth spreading for a sustainable future.

West Africa Discovery : Aiming to increase awareness about all aspects of the West African region through the promotion of exciting, adventurous responsible tourism development.

Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation : Providing grants and assistance in all areas shaping global development, including a program specifically directed at education and its role in development.

Peace Corps Sierra Leone : The program at the heart of our NGO's mission, continuing to change lives and international relations through international volunteer work.

Books For Africa : The mission is simple: End the book famine in Africa.

Scotia Aid-Sierra Leone : Aiming to improve future prospects for young Africans through the refurbishment and construction of schools.

Africa Rural Connect : An online community aimed at stiumlating collaborative thinking and productive, informed discussion in order to effectively generate ideas to improve Africa's situation.

Shine On Sierra Leone : Inspired by a 2006 visit to the country, a producer and filmmaker were inspired to start a collective effort to improve quality of life in Sierra Leone through a diversified channel of mediums such as schools, clinics, hospitals, and more.

The Collective Sierra Leone : A UK-based organization providing leadership training to actively push entrepreneurial development in Salone.

Room To Read : A major player in the battle for global literacy, this Bay Area-based organization strives to bring 1.5 million books worldwide in the next year.

Worldreader : Bringing tough, durable, high-quality e-readers to countries lacking the tools to shape literacy through conventional libraries.

Schools for Salone : Seattle-based nonprofit working to improve the quality of education offered in Sierra Leone, focusing primarily on constructing new schools financed by cultural fundraising events.

Pen International : Pen International performs a wide range of campaigns, from freedom of expression to the support of writers forced into exile. They are a strong advocate for programs supporting smaller or endangered languages around the world, such as Golu's tribal language, Mende. We've included a link to the Sierra Leone-specific page here.

Partners in Self-Reliance : An organization committed to reducing the high rate of illiteracy among adults in the non-formal sector through suitable literacy and adult education programs, leading to self-reliance.