Golu Resource Center Well on It's Way to Being a Self-Sustainable Facility.

So far we have been able to complete the construction of the resource center, install solar power and provide a few computers and other equipment to get things started. The Golu community has played an extremely active part in getting the center where it is today. Volunteers from the community have stepped up to help manage the facility and provide security. The center and village has even started to generate revenue from solar powered cell phone charge stations and they even have plans to start charging admission to watch sporting events and movies on a projected screen. All revenue will stay in the community and go towards running the facility. The center has proven to be useful in more ways than what TVL originally anticipate by providing both Golu and surrounding villages the benefit of solar power during night time deliveries for the health and safety of mother and child . It's amazing that the center has been able to contribute to the community in this way!

The village members are really entrepreneurial at heart and want to better their home and provide opportunity for their young. The center may have been built through TVL but during each step in the process we have stuck to our goal of working with the community to ensure they get what THEY need vs. told what they need. Through our experience and expertise, we have been able to provide innovative solutions to meet these needs. The resource center is well on its way to being the self-sustaining operation we have been working towards. We just have a few more milestones to reach before closing this chapter.

  1. Install a digital library with local and global content
  2. Provide education for community volunteers
    1. Solar Power Maintenance
    2. Cell Phone Carrier Training Program (Top Up Minutes)
  3. Generate Enough Revenue to sustain building requirements

If you'd like to help us reach these milestones you can do so through a contribution here.