Journal Entries From Salone 2013 - Entry 4

December 2 - 3:

Today I want to give you a glimpse into the village life and the people that make up Golu. Over the past few days I've been talking with people of all ages and the common theme is gratitude for what TVL is doing. The reason for this is because TVL has committed to be a community driven resource and facilitator to provide what the people want and need instead of telling them what they need and want. You will notice as you look through our photos that there are many meetings I take with the leaders of the community to make sure TVL stays in tune with the community needs. This is the driving force of what we do. Enjoy the photos and please stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and our website for more updates on our Nov./Dec. 2013 trip to Salone and lighting up Project Golu!

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