Journal Entry #5 - Learning With Spirals and Smiles

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, nobody can stop you.

In addition to learning the basics of coding we end up covering a number of impromptu topics that come up. This week our coding class had a general discussion of how the internet works - from the idea of tin cans and string to radio-like waves, cell towers and satellites. The girls are curious and usually one question leads to another. We're just happy that they seem engaged with the content.

The programs we worked on this week produced beautiful drawings because we introduced background color and pen color. We chose to use graphics as a way to teach coding since it's visually appealing and they can see instantly how creative coding can be.

Francis was the star of the day, as he helped the girls go through all of our troubleshooting steps slowly until all of the programs were working.

Just as most of the programs were running, we received a special visit from the honorable Ambrose Brima Fomba, the Area Development Program Manager for World Vision in Sierra Leone. He thanked us for our development work, and we thanked him for letting us use their internet/Skype connection for this coding class.

Near the end of class, we changed two of the variable numbers in our programs to draw a different pattern. As each of the girls got their revised program to run, they brought their laptop up to the camera to show "Auntie" Janet that it was working. This is the name they like to call her by. These were sweet and happy moments for all of us, and it was a very successful day! We ended the day with lots of smiles :)