Golu Update - Post 3 day door to door health check


We got an update from Golu and thankfully, there are still no cases of Ebola. The people are well educated and taking precautions to stay safe. The three day door to door health check extravaganza over the weekend resulted in 112 new Ebola tests in the country, of which 49 tested positive. Many believe that the three day house to house health checks were successful in helping the country to bring the Ebola crisis under control. During this time health professionals were handing out soap and rumors spread that the soap was laced with Ebola, intended to infect people. One of the challenges the Sierra Leonian government and International health agencies are facing, is gaining the trust of everyone and getting them to follow the suggested precautions to prevent further spread instead of listening to these rumors. For the most part people are back to their "normal" lives. They are still staying close to home, avoiding big gatherings and limiting their travel but shops and markets are open for business. There are talks of another door to door health check in October but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The Village Link continues to work with our partnership to plan on the installation of the digital library once the crisis is under control. Lots of work to do!