The Village Link Pilot Project


Children excited in front of the resource center.


In 2014 we had big plans to install a digital library into the center but due to the Ebola crisis our goals were put on hold. Throughout all of 2015 Sierra Leone has been fighting the on-going battle of Ebola, which is finally nearing the end. We are finally able to get back to our original plans and projects for the community center. Below are some of the things we've been working on this year and what we have planned for Project Golu.

  • February 2015 - Formalized a partnership with National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) to bring Returned Peace Corps volunteers (RPCV) to Golu to oversee the resource center and to mentor local residents to manage all aspects of the center (accounting, process, budgeting, book/equipment lending best practices etc.).
  • August 2015 - TVL launched the first ever solar powered digital library with partner LamTech which will provide the community with access to free education (See pictures below).
  • October 2015 - TVL in partnership with Global Education and Justice Network launched a Basics of Computing class for 3 initial groups in the Golu at the resource center. Currently we are educating just over 30 people from all different age brackets (teachers, nurses, highschool students and some elderly).
  • 2016 - In the first quarter of 2016 we plan on bringing an additional 30 tablets to expand on the digital library so more people can take advantage of the rich and free educational content.


In late 2013, TVL installed solar panels on top of the resource center. This was the first time in Golu history that they have had power. The power we generate, fuels the resource center and provides the community the ability to generate revenue through the resource center’s cell phone charging station. Additionally, it has been used by local midwives during the late evening and early morning hours to perform safe midwifery practices, when needed. Indirectly, TVL has been able to help improve maternal health in addition to providing continued education and literacy programs.