Digital Literacy Programs

Today's global economy provides a lot of economic opportunity for rural underserved communities across the globe. With the right training and education the people in these communities could eventually work remotely through online outsource work. The goal of our digital literacy programs is to build a strong foundation of digital literacy in the rural regions, eventually working our way up to paid online outsource jobs.

Initially our digital literacy programs will provide exposure to computers, internet and the benefits that this technology can play in the rural communities. After a basic to intermediate digital literacy knowledge base is established we will begin our rural online vocational training program. 


On-going Programs


digital literacy classes

Since November 2016 we have been running digital literacy classes focused on the youth of Golu. We have four classes per day targeted to the youth and people with disabilities. The classes run each day (Monday to Friday) between 4 - 9pm at night. The goal of these classes is to provide the basic knowledge of computers, Microsoft Office and the internet. We recently expanded on our digital library to include more equipment so we can service more students. 

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Digital library

In 2015 we installed our digital library. Students who visit the center today have ongoing access to a full library of information and online education. This digital library solution was designed and developed by our local tech partner, LamTech Technologies, to be used in areas where access to education is scarce. Now everyone in Golu can access Sierra Leone's national primary school curriculum in additional to other educational resources. Teachers can also use the digital material as a way to provide tutoring outside of the classroom.

Completed Programs


Girls coding

In late 2015, we partnered with local Sierra Leone non-profit, Sierra Leone Rising and World Vision, to launch an all girls intro to coding course in the rural village of Bumpe. The 7 week course was developed by a Salesforce.come coding engineer from Silicon Valley, taught remotely via Skype and was offered to 15 female highschool students coming from Bumpe and Golu.  To learn more about this program and to see more pictures click below.


Basics of Computing

Throughout 2015 we ran our first series of digital literacy classes in Golu. During the year we brought in outside digital literacy instructors to teach the teachers and health professionals about the basics of computers and the internet. Each class consisted of 10 - 12 adults and ran 4 weeks at a time. In 2015 we ran 4 sessions during the year.