Literacy & Education | Empowering Entrepreneurship

In January, 2016 TVL brought 10 Rumie Educational tablets and taught a group of leaders in the community how to use them. These tablets provide additional early education and literacy learning materials.  This year, TVL also upgraded the solar array at the Golu center and installed solar for the first time at a girls primary school in Moyamba. Now over 500 girls can study by light vs. kerosine at night. You can read up more about our activities during our January trip here.

During September 2016, TVL expanded the center's capabilities and services, adding 20 new laptops. These laptops will be used for educational programs, such as coding classes and digital literacy while being used to generate income for the center through paid use of the internet. We have a lot of work a head of us but the community of Golu is determined to keep moving forward. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way!

TVL’S next phase includes hiring local talent and training them in business, accounting basics and operations. The goal by end of 2017 is to have the center closer to a self sustaining entity, generating revenue that will pay for some of the center programs and operations.

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