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Ever since the inception of The Village Link we have had a vision that involved a connected community resource center, offering a variety of educational and vocational programs, supported through paid local services. After 4 years we are finally in a position where internet is needed in order to keep the momentum of our progress moving forward. This past year we researched internet installation options specific for the terrain in Golu. After a bidding process took place, we settled on an internet service provider to help us with this project. TVL chose to work with Speednet Inc. to help us determine the right solution to meet our needs. We settled on a VSat solution that is typical in this type of geography for NGO's and hospitals to use.

What will internet in a village with no running water or reliable power source mean?

  • Access to FREE online educational tools such as Khan Academy, Wikipedia, digital copies of the Sierra Leone grade school curriculum, to name a few;
  • Ability to set up revenue channels such as an internet café, printing services and internet based training programs;
  • Job creation via enhanced entrepreneurial tools, assisting local initiatives, such as:
    • a regional brokerage service to trade and market local agricultural products;
    • an off-site meeting center for regional government, educational and business purposes;
    • an outsource center for data-entry that could offer reduced fees to local and national institutions.

We are happy to report that the internet is providing faster speeds than those available in the closest city, Bo, and the closest college campuses.

We have a lot of work ahead of us before the center becomes a self-sustaining entity providing consistent educational and vocational programs.

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