Peace Builders Partnership - Shipping Medical Supplies to Sierra Leone

In December 2014, TVL hosted the organization's first annual benefit to raise awareness and funds to finance a few new projects we were planning to launch in early 2015, in response to the Ebola crisis. One of these projects was a joint effort between TVL and another NGO, Peace Builders. Peace Builders sends large shipments of medical and other aid to orphans around the world with a focus on war-torn and disaster-stricken areas. In 2014 Peace Builders came to TVL and asked if we could help fund the shipping costs to send almost $300,000 worth of donated medical supplies to Sierra Leone to aid in Ebola relief efforts. TVL said yes to Peace Builders request and committed to raising the funds required to ship the medical supplies. In January 2015 the medical supplies were shipped to Sierra Leone to help protect health professionals working with Ebola patients and prevent further spreading.

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