Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.
— Martin Luther King Jr. (1967)

Our Impact

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Digital Literacy

  • daily classes in two villages;

  • 6 schools have partnered with TVL to introduce digital literacy into the classroom for grades 8 - 12;

  • 1000+ students introduced to digital literacy;

  • Partnered with local tech companies to provide paid internship opportunities for successful students;

  • Program participants include: female farmers, females who have dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancy, people with disabilities and unemployed youth.


Vocational Training

  • 4 locally trained and employed youth to run center programs and revenue channels.

    • Business mentorship;

    • Entrepreneurial mentorship and micro-grants.

Economic Sustainability

  • 2 solar powered community resource centers: 1) Full-service flagship resource Center in Gerihun with Internet connection; 2) Resource Center in Golu. Offering internet cafe and business services to local communities to support development programs.

  • Revenue sources: printing/scanning/photocopying, solar cell phone charging, top up (cell minutes), photo printing, internet cafe, data input and digital literacy classes.

  • 99% increase in weekly revenue average from 2017 to date.


Early Childhood Education

  • 5 participating villages;

  • 1500+ children registered;

  • 1st early childhood program of its kind in participating villages;

  • Parents with children in our program are more likely to prioritize primary education as a necessity for their children.


The Village Link partnered with Waterbearers in October to install a rainwater catch system with clean water filters in the village of Golu. The village has 5 water pumps, 4 of which were broken. This system will be able to provide clean drinking water throughout the year after the rainy season.


Pilot Project: Current Programs


Economic Sustainability: social Impact business

We have infrastructure, educational programs and strategic partnerships in place. In conjunction to maintaining these programs we are shifting our focus on developing a sustainable business at the center and creating job opportunities.



Our strategy has always been to leverage innovative technologies to increase education levels and provide access to employment. Learn about our digital literacy programs that have become the foundation of our approach to economic development.


early childhood education

Sustainability doesn't happen over night. We know that in order for long term impact to take place we have to start young. Together, with leaders in the community and educators, we will help to shape the minds and actions of tomorrow.


Women's economic empowerment

UN Women says that when more women work, economies grow. By increasing the female labour force participation—or a reduction in the gap between women’s and men’s labour force participation—results in faster economic growth. 


Pilot Project: Development History

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